Aug 30, 2011

August Break, Day 30: Blessings

I've meant to do images for each day of my August Break, but today some text is called for. I'm really counting my blessings right now. As you may know, Tropical Storm Irene hit Rhode Island fairly hard. Vermont perhaps has it worse.

I'm lucky. We had nothing but sticks and leaves in the yard. I have power. I'm able to get online and visit with you all. I can do my work, I can edit my photographs. I can cook my dinner with unspoiled ingredients from the fridge. Our lawn is already cleaned up, and even our vegetable garden fared well.

I hope the best for those who are still without power, who have trees through their roofs, who had sewers overflow into their homes, who are cut off from the world because of flooding. I'm thinking of and praying for them. And I'm counting my blessings.

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  1. I agree. We have been incredibly lucky, too.
    I well remember what it was like to be without power for a week with three young children.


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