Oct 13, 2011

Advice for Aspiring Photographers

When you get an urge to go take photographs, make it happen.

Today I craved a moody ocean shot, feeling inspired by the music of Emily Barker and the gorgeous cinematography of Wallander. I nearly let excuses win, but in the end decided to head to a new coastal spot in Rhode Island. After working at my day job, I drove 50 minutes to the site and got there shortly before sunset. I stayed until after dark (and frankly would have stayed longer if there was enough light to focus the camera by). By then I was tired and hungry, and still had errands to run that I had put off in favor of going shooting.

It was worth every moment.

So go, carve out the time. Make room in your schedule, your life, your day. See what you can do with twilight on a cold, wet day.

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  1. How beautiful! And how timely for me. I have been holed up in the house the past few days and haven't ventured out cause the weather has been so bad...I might just have to make an outing.


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