Oct 5, 2011

A Challenge: What Doors Will You Open Today?

We all have skills, talents, and gifts. One of mine happens to be photography, and I have chosen to use it to make a career for myself. Building this artistic business is a constant learning curve. Sometimes the efforts that I work so hard on seem to flop completely, sometimes they create new opportunities. Sifting out what works and what doesn't is a huge part of this journey.

There is one thing that definitely doesn't work - doing nothing. We are meant to share the talents we are given. I can create as many photographs as I choose, but if I don't put them out there in the world, they will go nowhere, they will inspire no one. They will collect virtual dust in the bowels of my hard drive, doing nothing positive in the world. And, without sharing this talent, I cannot create a life and a career that I love.

It's up to me to tell people about my work, to submit it to blogs or agencies or galleries. It is up to me to not just sit there and wait to be "discovered".

What doors will you open today to share your talents (whatever they might be) with the world?

Durdle Door

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