Oct 19, 2011

How Braving Bad Weather Pays Off

It's pouring here right now. I am warmly wrapped up, still in my pajamas, with a steaming mug of my husband's home-roasted coffee. The perfect rainy day scenario, right? But I'm daydreaming... about throwing on some boots and a raincoat and going out to take photographs.

An inner voice is saying, "But the weather is terrible! I'll get wet and cold!"

That voice is totally right. But the thing is, sometimes it's the dramatic weather, the kind that no one else would bother going out to shoot in, that gets me the best results. The photos that no one else has, because they didn't go (and to be fair, usually it's the photos I don't have, because I didn't go). There's no good light to speak of today, but lakes are probably foggy, and the wetness draws out the saturation of the autumn colors...

So I may pull out the boots, the jacket, an umbrella to protect the camera (I'm wishing I had this one), and go out. Or maybe the siren call of warmth and comfort will win and I'll stay in. I guess you'll have to check back tomorrow to see which has prevailed. :-)

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