Jan 9, 2012

Collecting Nature: Inspiration and Introduction

Thank you so much for your feedback yesterday!  It was a big help in choosing a new blog series for 2012 that we'll all be excited about!  Collecting Nature was the most popular choice and will now be a regular column.  Not to worry if you preferred Art Inspired - I'll be sure to sprinkle a few of those posts in throughout the year too.  My brain is buzzing with ideas already!

Let's get started with some beautiful nature collection inspiration from Pinterest:

- the Naturalist Explorer of the 21st Century by chasing Linnaeus
- Crystals by Regina Wilson
- The Naturalist in Me by dsbrennan (that's me!)

You'll notice that some collections feature actual natural objects, and some feature illustration, imagery, or sculpture that represents nature.  There are plenty of ways to bring a little of the outdoors into your home, even if you're limited on space or time. 

And of course, I can't resist sharing a little eye candy from my own nature collection.  I collected rocks as a child, and have recently started gathering pretty minerals again.  This quartz crystal (a gift from my sister) is a new favorite of mine.  I love how it catches the light!

What elements of nature do you notice when out and about in the world?  Let's get some discussions going in the comments!

If you know someone who would love to participate in this series, won't you share this post with them so we can get them involved?  Thanks!

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