Jan 12, 2012

Keeping an Eye on the Prize, or Not Giving Up Just Yet

"...the most important predictor of success is determination." - Paul Graham, investor

The other day, in my ABC of Important Things post, I mentioned determination as my word for "D". I do believe that willpower (*ahem* stubborness) will get me to where I want to be.  Art photography is not an easy business to make a living at, but I will achieve that goal.

But here's where the deep, dark secret comes out.  Sometimes, I come very close to giving up

I entered 2012 feeling all fresh-faced and new, bubbling over with excitement about what the year was to bring.  After all, 12 is my favorite number, this year had to be good!  (I know, the logic is unshakeable.)  I worked my tail off getting my business plan in order, reading up on all sorts of business tips and motivational whatsits (Copyblogger being a favorite source)...

Then yesterday I sat down, looked at my fun little thermometer graph from the Track This! workbook and realized... I am nowhere near my financial goal for January.

That's one of those moments when I think about giving up.

Now, granted, I've had much worse moments during the lifespan of this little biz, and I've come much closer to throwing in the towel, but yesterday wasn't exactly my brightest  hour.  So I moped for a bit, took a break, and ate too much chocolate.

Here's the important part.  After the blue mood and sugar rush faded, I squared my shoulders and jumped back into the game.  And you know what?  Great things happened yesterday.  My favorite new piece was on the front page of Etsy.  I jumped into a Twitter chat and found out about some amazing resources like Triberr and Buffer.  I met some new folks and enjoyed doing it.  And yes, I even made a sale.  I still have a ways to go before I reach my financial goal, but you know what, I'm determined to get there, and I will.

How do you keep moving toward your goals when it feels like you're stuck in a rut?


  1. Congratulations, it's always nice to hear of success out in blogland, it's not easy to come by but sounds like you're on the right track for 2012.

  2. Thanks for your kind words, Christine. Always good to get some encouragement!

  3. Good for you!! I have a tendency to want to give up and run away from the bigger goals in my life (which, I'm assuming for you, your business is one of your bigger goals) but I do know that when things seem their worst, as long as you push through it, it can only mean bigger, better things.

  4. Thanks Lisa! And you're right, bigger better things always lie beyond that rough patch :-)

  5. You just keep hanging in there. I have faith in you and believe you can do anything you set your mind to.


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