Jan 24, 2012

Picnik and Product Photos - Transitioning to Google +

The bad news... I posted my Picnik tutorial the day before Picnik announced it was closing up shop on April 19, 2012.

The good news... You can use the same tools to edit product photos using Google +

Here's how:

So, big sigh of relief, editing your product photographs is still just as easy!


  1. I wondered if Picnik would keep the same tools on Google+. Do you know if the photos have to be published on Google? can they remain private? I don't want to edit pics in a public format. There are some days where I'm editing 200 pics on Picnik...

  2. I need all the help I can get editing photos, TFS Diane.

  3. Great question, Sarah. Yes, you can keep the photos private. In fact, the one I used in the demonstration is in a private folder (it shows up in the video because I was logged in.)

    You're welcome, Christine!

  4. Thanks Diana. I actually posted the question on BYW group about finding a Picnik alternative. But, your tutorial clearly shows that Google+ has the same easy editing tools.

  5. Glad you found it useful!

  6. I was at the BYW forum earlier and then found your post, I thank you so much for this help. I don't have google+, so I guess i need to sign up before I can use this apps right?, I am a picnik user since 2009, and I subscribe premium too.

  7. Hi Fenny - yep, you'll need a (free) Google + account to use this feature. It looks like you already use Blogger so you can just set up the same account with Google +

    They don't yet have all of the advanced features of Picnik, but I'd be very surprised if they don't roll them out soon.


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