Feb 26, 2012

In Classic Newport Style

Today was a noteworthy day - I went to my very first polo match.  It was a brisk day, not terribly cold, but windy by the shore.  We bundled up, brought our folding chairs, and settled in to enjoy the show.  It took a bit of shifting before we found a spot with a good view, but once we did we really enjoyed watching the game.  My sister and husband even participated a few times, when the ball was knocked our way.  (The players asked us to retrieve it very politely, always with a "please".)

Polo is a bit of a posh sport, with the players trading out their thoroughbred mounts for fresh horses after each chukker (period).  Of course, Newport is the perfect setting for such a high-class game, and has a tradition of polo playing dating back to 1876. A drive along scenic Ocean Avenue after the match made for a pretty nice end to a lovely day.

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