May 2, 2012

Why Ikea and Home Goods Make Artists Happy

As an artist, framing art is a big part of my business.  At art shows, I create a portable photo gallery to showcase my art images.  When clients purchase prints to decorate their own interiors with, I like to recommend sources for affordable, attractive frames.  Framing your art work nicely can transform a boring, frustrating blank wall into an inspiring photography gallery.

That's where Home Goods and Ikea come in.

I found the frames shown above at HomeGoods.  They caught my eye because their ornate shape is modernized by their matte black finish (and because the price was so reasonable). They make a great, unexpected statement in my modern living room, the black popping off the white walls to accentuate the nature art.

This classic white frame is one of my favorite Ikea staples, a RIBBA frame.  Clean lines allow the fineart to take center stage, especially with the white frame on the white wall.  I find the simplicity of this frame soothing, especially since the picture showcases nature in art.

Do you have favorite sources for frames, particularly those suited to modern photography?  Please share them in the comments, I'd love to add more shops to my list of recommendations!

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