May 9, 2006


I've been going crazy the past few days getting my paper and presentation ready for my Saturday soils class! Today I'm just about done and I figured I deserved some R&R. On the bus ride home I started thinking about what kinds of photo things I could get done tonight. It's raining, so not great conditions to take new photos, but maybe I can take some inside. Anyway, back to the bus. Daydreaming about photo stuff I decided what my ideal situation would be: I'd be able to do art photography full time, and when we bought a house I'd set up a small building, kind of a large, insulated shed, in the back yard with a nice garden path leading to it and inside would be a small gallery and an office setup for my actual work. Yeah, that would be pretty sweet. Maybe someday!

Not much other photo news, I got my business cards in the mail yesterday, which is exciting. I might bring a few into work to hang up on the notice boards. And I also cleaned up the galleries a bit. The experimental section was taking on a life of it's own, so I winnowed it down to only the photos I particularly liked. So I guess I've accomplished some small things, at least.

Our trip to D.C. to visit our new nephew was really fun. I have some photos of my sister-in-law's garden and of course of the baby - they're still on the camera. Think I'll download them!

Hope you all have a peaceful night.

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