May 15, 2006

Long Day

Had a long but good weekend out on Cape Cod. I did get to take a few pictures inbetween torrential downpours, which was nice. My soils class is now finished, except for the take home final exam that I really should be working on right now. But, I'd rather do this.

The photo opportunity I had this weekend was at the Cape Cod Museum of Natural History, a really nice museum, especially for its size. We went there with my family for Mother's Day. Of course, the photos themselves were mostly taken outside on the network of trails behind the museum that lead through the salt marsh and to a beach. It was windy and damp and cold, but still beautiful. There were some neat patterns made by the waves on the sand, like this one:

Yeah, pretty abstract. I like the simple, clean look. I took some others too, but I'm still sorting through them all, of course. I'd like to go back to a beach (probably not this particular one) sometime and take a bunch of shots of these patterns left by the waves. I think it would look really neat as a set of smallish images, maybe 4 or 5, arranged horizontally. What do you think?

Today I was pretty tuckered out, after the long weekend, lots of driving, and being stressed out all last week due to class deadlines. The weather is still pretty awful, which probably contributed as well! I still managed to be fairly productive at work today, but I was really wishing I could make photography my full time job. No matter how tired I am, it's always fairly easy to get myself in the mood to work on photo stuff.

Obviously, it's harder for me to get myself in the mood to work on my take home exam! Right now I am avoiding it on multiple fronts - website updating and Yahoo! Literati (such a weakness of mine). I'd better finish up and get to work. Goodnight, all.


  1. Anonymous5/18/2006

    Damn. I forgot to call my mom on Mothers' Day.


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