May 17, 2006


Whew, I'm tired tonight. I need to get to bed earlier!

I am sooo glad that this infernal rain has stopped. I don't think there was quite as much in these past few weeks as CT got last October, but it wasn't fun. The sun was out almost all day! My lawn has noticed the change as well, it must have shot up 4 inches just today! I'll have to get that mowed on Friday. Luckily we have a little postage stamp of a lawn, so it's small enough to use a little push mower instead of a big noisy, smelly thing. It's more environmentally friendly that way, too!

Obviously I got around to taking some photos today, hence the charming eye candy you're getting with this post. I wasn't satisfied with the number of shots I got in pre-dinner, so afterwards I pulled out the ol' tripod and played around with fruit! Nutrition isn't the only benefit to our new household "fresh fruit easily available" policy!

Did a new "sandwiched" image too, this time back to the black and white. It's pretty simple. I think I have to sleep on it to see if I actually like it.

I've been working pretty hard for the past few evenings on doing some marketing for this site and for my CafePress shop. It's a pretty big effort, especially since I don't have the money to do conventional advertising on Google or banner ads or something. But it's fun. I'm mostly just trying to network with other artists and start the message spreading by word of mouth. So I've gotten to meet, or at least chat with, some pretty cool people.

Tomorrow is the Camera Club's annual banquet, which should be a good time. I have to go prepare my prints for the print judging they're going to have, so I should get to that.

Hope all is well with everyone out there. Have a fantastic night.

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