Oct 15, 2006

Getting Back into the Swing of Things

Well, it's been quite difficult to get back into my normal rhythm after our month-long hiatus from reality! We had so much fun on our road trip, but it is good to be back. You'd think, what with being unemployed for the past month or so, that I'd be whipping out new photos like crazy, but I guess not. However, now that all our boxes are unpacked and our car troubles are sorted out and that fall zing is in the air, I'm getting back into obsessed photographer mode. I took several photos on a recent excursion in the northern part of Rhode Island , and ended up playing with one particular shot. Unlike my usual instinct, which is to convert to black and white and really make the shapes and textures pop out, this time I was drawn to making the colors in the image really wild and almost unreal. Digital photography is really fun that way, you have so much room to play. Here's what I came up with:

Hope you enjoy it, More to come soon!

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