Oct 19, 2006

Slivers of Sunlight

Well, as the title suggests, today did not provide the best light ever. It was overcast for most of the day, but a few patches of sunlight gave me the opportunity to at least take a few photos. Again, I had some fun messing around with wierd color effects - the image on the left is what I came up with.

A few shots from today had potential as more traditional prints, so I'll be fiddling with them later to get them just right.

Something else I worked on today was a "movie" slideshow of a bunch of my favorite shots. They're all posted here on the website, but making the slideshow was a lot of fun and I was able to post it up on Google Videos and YouTube to make sharing it easy. Check it out, and feel free to share it or link to it or whatever you want to do. I think it would be mighty hard to get the images out of the video, print them, and sell them for profit, so I'm really not that worried about copyright infringement or anything :-).

Hope you enjoy the slideshow and the new photo!

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