Nov 8, 2006

Photo Assignment #1

Some great suggestions are rolling in - here's my attempt at the first. It's one of the three my cousin Chris thought of - I haven't been able to try his other two challenges yet, mostly due to lack of supplies and daylight. Hopefully tomorrow I'll be able to get to those.

For now...

"1. one of those infinite reflection photos ( the kind with two mirrors showing reflection in a reflection in a reflection)"

It was nearly impossible to get this kind of shot without my camera being in the photo! I wanted to avoid that, since it seemed like the easy way out of what was supposed to be a challenge. I also had a shortage of objects to reflect that would have any real meaning when seen a zillion times. The photo on the left is what I came up with - I figure at least the hands have a human connection, literally and figuratively. It was a great "assignment" - I got so into it I nearly missed LOST!

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