Nov 9, 2006

Photo Assignment #2

The last two suggestions from Chris:

"2. Oil stains on the driveway"

Unfortunately I couldn't do this one - I looked in my driveway and wandered around the neighborhood peeking into parking lots and there were no oil stains to be found! I guess this means that cars in my area are properly maintained? I will keep an eye out for future opportunities. Sorry about that!

EDIT: Since I could do driveway oil, here's a photo of cooking oil/water/foodcoloring in a bowl, not quite the same but still fun.

"3. fresh fruit next to rotted fruit or some other contrast picture like that"

I didn't feel like waiting for my fruit to rot (especially with company coming this weekend), but I did do a contrast picture involving fruit... I even messed around with some post-processing effects, just for something different. Here tis:

Keep the suggestions coming!

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