Nov 12, 2006

Photo Assignment #4

I actually got a chance this weekend to take the last 2 photos Alicia (a.k.a. asf619) had ideas for! Without further ado, here they are:

"Piano keys or even a computer's keyboard?"

Since we don't have a piano, I took a photo of my somewhat dusty computer keyboard.

Next up - "Your husband's shadow coming through a doorway, as lit from another room?"

This one was a little tough, since the doorway configuration in our apartment is kind of tight, but I like how it came out. I also have one where his shadow looks like a wierd alien robot, but I decided not to embarass him by posting it!

Enjoy, please feel free to post comments about the photos or to suggest new ideas. Don't forget to check out the galleries! A new photo was added today.

Since my website contact form hasn't been working since we switched servers, I've added a different way to get in touch with me.

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