Nov 13, 2006

Photo Assignment #4

I'm on a roll with these photo assignments, I'll tell ya! Such great suggestions, it's hard not to spend all my time working on them!

Tonight I'm featuring two "challengers" - sethsgal05 and shanana77. Both had some suggestions that will have to wait until I'm free during the daylight hours, so for now I'll post the indoor shots!

sethsgal05 - "any cool things you brought back from your honeymoon"

My cool thing of choice was the gorgeous bracelet we bought in Istanbul...

shanana77 - "photographing food? sort of edward weston-esque style? like fruits, veggies, etc."

I'll be honest, I've tried to emulate Weston in the past, and I just can't come close to his awesomeness! I'll blame it on the reduced tonal range of my digital camera vs. his film. ;-)

Here are some lovely parsnips, in a quasi-Weston style. I noticed that most of his food photos seemed to mirror the look and feel of his nudes, so I attempted to do something similar. Such sexy veggies!

and the final assignment of the evening...

shanana77 - "reflections of things in puddles, etc."

I took that "etc." for all it was worth and used a pan full of water instead of a puddle, so I could get a shot indoors using artificial light. I partially desaturated the image, and I like it. I particularly like the translucency of the petals.

As always, check out the galleries! Art makes a great Christmas gift! (*nudge* *nudge* *wink* *wink*)

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