Nov 10, 2006

Photo Assignment #3

Alrighty, today we've got photo ideas from Alicia (a.k.a. asf619) - I picked 3 of the 5 ideas she gave me to focus on this afternoon. I will hopefully get to the other 2 tomorrow!

"The pages of a well-read book"

This one was my favorite to work on of her suggestions - and I came up with two photos that I coudn't decide between, so I'm posting them both. I wanted to focus on the pages themselves, since that was specifically mentioned, and I wanted the books to remain anonymous. Here are the results (in the first photo I flipped the pages as the shutter went off, to get the blurred effect):


Next - "a radiator or heating register/vents"

Our apartment has very normal and boring heating vents - but like they say, anything can be a picture! (Who are "they" anyway?) What I ended up with was this wierd and very high contrast abstract image. I kinda like it.

And finally... "A candle's flickering flame"

This one came out much differently than I expected. Instead of seeing the movement of the candle flame as it flickers, sort of like in the first book pages photo, the flame took on a different shape entirely. I think this is because a candle flame is actually light - not an object reflecting light. I kept this one kind of simple.

That's all for today! Check back tomorrow!


  1. Is that first book one of the Harry Potters? :o)

  2. Is that first book one of the Harry Potters? :o)

  3. Nope, not a Harry Potter!


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