Nov 27, 2006

Photo Assignment #8

Ok, I finally have a couple of assignments for you! Sorry it's taken so long. Tonight's featured challengers are sethsgal05 and my best friend Amber.

Sethsgal05 suggested a photo "either looking into or out of a window at an interesting angle". I've been trying to get a good shot during the day for this one but it hasn't happened yet, so I tried something a little different and "looked out" of the window to see the reflection of my husband surfin' the net. The layers are interesting because some of the objects that show up in the photo are actually outside, though most of them are reflections of the inside scene.

Next up is Amber's suggestion "How about a picture of leaves in various stages of decay? Maybe you could get a really cool one of a neatly skeletonized one! Or it could be a picture of a bunch of different leaves, arranged all decoratively of course! Or maybe I just like leaves." This was a nicely broad leaf statement and allowed me lots of leeway :-) I chose the "a bunch of different leaves, arranged all decoratively" option. And of course, it ended up as a semi-abstract image.

Hope you like them, and I hope to be more on task now that I'm feeling better and Thanksgiving is over!

Have a great night.

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