Nov 28, 2006

Photo Assignment #9

Three assignments to share tonight, from three different people! I wish I had my camera when leaving work today - there were some really neat fog photos I could have taken. I hope you enjoy these even though they're not foggy!

From Reebs_RI - "RI is known as the ocean state - why not incorporate water into some pics." Why not indeed. It was very cold and windy by the shore today but lovely nonetheless.

Next we have another challenge from my best bud Amber - "taking pictures from a baby/toddler's perspective, seeing the world from lower down than we do as 'grownups'." I remembered playing under the table when I was little,not quite toddler little but close enough, so I crawled under there and saw some interesting things going on. I think these shapes the chairs made would appeal to toddlers, don't you?

And finally, a suggestion from my dad - "I've always been fascinated by light and glass, especially against black or neutral backgrounds." I think glass is mighty cool too. Love the tones in there.

The last image is a HDR (High Dynamic Range) image - I used three different exposures to get an increased tonal range. Wanna read an explanation of the technique? Check this out.

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