Dec 1, 2006

At the Zoo-oo

Aside from having a Simon & Garfunkel song stuck in my head, I have exciting news. I had a fabulous time taking photos this morning at Roger Williams Park Carousel for up-and-coming children's author Marcia Maynard. She's writing an article on how carousels work and needed some shots of the gears and other inner workings. After finishing up that "assignment" I spent some time (ok, hours) photographing the carousel as a whole. I'll be bringing proofs up to show the carousel's owner soon, he plans on buying some prints and hanging them as part of a permanent display in the carousel building! He's going to include my contact information along with the prints, which is really nice.

So, in celebration I offer you this sneak peek! Once the photos have been installed at the carousel I'll let you all know so that you can go check them out and enjoy the carousel, park, and zoo while you're there!

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