Jan 5, 2007

Assignment #15

Ok, I'm finally recovered from the holiday madness and ready to post a new assignment! I was also finally able to crank out some challenges from my best friend Steph, who was the first to respond and has been very patient waiting for me to find subjects to fit her assignments.

First off - "I would love to see you take a photo of sunset farm!"

Had to wait until after Christmas for this one, as a framed print of this shot was her gift and I didn't want to spoil the surprise! Without further ado, Sunset Farm's Kinney Bungalow at sunset.

Next up, "even though spiders are yucky....maybe you could take a picture of a neat spider web"

I thought this web was neat because it's all lines, instead of the usual dewey circular pattern that is a popular photographic subject. I hope the thin webs show up on your monitor - if not you may want to calibrate it so that you're sure your contrast and brightness are correct. It may also help to click on the image and view it larger.


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