Jan 7, 2007

Assignment #16

More assignments today from my friend Steph!

"you know those mornings when it's all foggy and dewey out? maybe you could take a picture then"

I recently went to see the seals that annually visit the rocks off of Rome Point in Narragansett Bay. The day was very foggy and misty, perfect conditions to take a photo for this assignment. The photo itself is of the rocks the seals haul out on (if you click on it to enlarge the image and look closely you can see a seal arching it's back just below and to the left of the flying gull). I loved how the misty coastline fading into the background silouetted the gull, and the soft lighting from the overcast day.

Next up "beaded drops at the tips of the branches"

I must have taken 30 photos of droplets at the tips of branches while on this same walk to see the seals. Here's one of my favorites:


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