Feb 3, 2007

Assignment #19

I apologize for the wait - with the Picture Perfect Evening show in one week (!!!) I've been keeping myself very, very busy! But, I've only got a few more assignments to crank out on my list, and here's one of them:

From MrsRoDeBa, "Your shoes or your husband's shoes". Well, technically I guess this is just the one shoe, but I'm gonna let myself off the hook for now. My husband's old, beat up Converse that he hasn't the heart to get rid of.

And, since it took me a while between posts, I'll throw in a second shoe picture in as a bonus! These are my poor, beat up work boots.

Enjoy - and check back soon for an update on my gallery opening. It's been pushed back from late February to March, and I still don't have a final date. As soon as I find out I'll post the info here, as well as send out a newsletter. If you're not getting the newsletter and would like to, sign using the green box on my home page.

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  1. You should do some picture thing with Matt's shoes like you did with Fred's boots! Then he could get rid of them!


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