Feb 4, 2007

Assignment #20

I know what you're thinking... What's this? Another assignment posting already!? It's true, folks. Aside from packing up the car, I'm pretty much done getting ready for my February 10th show! I am relieved, and now I have time to work on photo assignments! Not many left...

I've got two for you today, one from MrsRoDeBa - "Your street". Since my street is kind of a narrow back street with a lot of buildings under renovation, it isn't too scenic. Far too many dumpsters to be scenic. So I went with the literal interpretation of "Your street" and focused on the pavement itself.

And next, from my sister Lisa, "How about taking an uninteresting square foot of forest and trying to take the most interesting picture you can of it. It has to be a square foot you would usually pass by and not see." I'll admit, I didn't bring a measuring tape with me so this is probably more than a square foot. However the bit of forest in and of itself wasn't very interesting. But the light coming through it sure was. I also played around a bit with the color, because I miss green growing things.

Enjoy! And wish me luck, I've applied for a substantial fellowship that would let me spend a whole year doing solely photography instead of needing a part time job! I'm really excited about what i could do with that, and have one main project in mind as well as a few side projects. So yeah, here's hoping!

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