Feb 17, 2007

My Mill Project

I've officially embarked on my mill project. What is that, you ask? Well, right now it's an attempt to gain access to and photograph as many of the mills in the Pawtuxet River Valley as possible. Mills were such a huge part of Rhode Island's past, and their "modern history" is just as interesting, if not quite so influential. If I get the grant funding I applied for, the project may expand. :-)

I say that I've officially started because yesterday I was able to get inside the Hope Mill, which they're just starting to prep for conversion to apartments, and take photographs. I even had a photo buddy volunteer to come along - Nicole Gesmondi, a very talented photographer whose website you should check out!

Today I'm off to the Pawtuxet Valley Preservation and Historical Society to learn more about the mills of the Pawtuxet Valley.

I'll leave you with this preview of coming attractions:



  1. I was thrilled to hear about your Pawtuxet Valley mill project through the PVPHS. Though I've only recently become familiar with the area, I find it fascinating and feel incredibly drawn to it. Visiting when I can (I live in the Hartford, CT area) to photograph the buildings and learn about the history has become a passion of mine.

    I love the Hope teaser photo and I look forward to seeing more of your photography. :-)


  2. Thanks so much, Liz. Perhaps we can buddy up sometimes to go photograph the mills? I'd love to learn more about what you've done so far! Drop me an email at dsbrennanphoto@gmail.com

  3. Hey, that's the room with the largest ladder EVER!!!! Good times on Friday minus the freezing weather, I look forward to going back.

    Ps- we should try the Royal Mills again before it becomes luxury central. Maybe the guy will show up this time?

  4. Haha - yes, very large ladder. I loved that room - best light in the whole place... well, the whole place that we saw, anyway.


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