Feb 12, 2007

A Picture Perfect Evening

As I announced in previous posts, this past weekend was the Picture Perfect Evening event put on by the Blackstone Valley Advocacy Center. The night went well. My trusty assistant and I managed to get the display set up in time and were complimented on how professional it looked. That was nice to hear, all that hard work paid off. Sales were slow for all of the vendors, but that was to be expected considering people were there for the whole evening's gala event, not just to buy art. Putting my photographs out there in public for the first time was a bit scary, but they were well received and admired. Another nice thing to hear! All and all, it was a good experience - I learned a lot and met some talented fellow artists in the process.

A few of my fellow vendors encouraged me to participate in some of the local art festivals, which they said were quite different than this particular event. I'm starting to look into that option with a mix of excitement and nervousness. At least one of the local shows allows artists to share a booth (and split the costs), so perhaps I can go that route to get my feet wet, so to speak. I'll keep you posted as plans get more fleshed out.

[EDIT: Here are some photos of my small booth setup and my silent auction piece (obviously before anyone bid on it), courtesy of Amber!

Thanks Amber!]

I still have a couple of photo assignments to wrap up, and I'll be finalizing a date for my gallery opening at Method shortly, so check back soon for updates!

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