Mar 25, 2008

Natural History

I've been on a natural history kick lately. Maybe it's my educational background, but I told my husband the other day that I'd love to decorate the house with some natural history displays (vintage, of course - no need to deplete our biological resources any further). He seemed a bit squeamish at the thought of decorating with dead insects pinned to a card....

There is something beautiful about the animals and plants collected and arranged by enthusiasts in the past. I especially enjoy the displays that attempt to be lifelike. Nature is beautful, and who can blame people for wanting to bring it into their lives. There is a touch of creepiness to natural history, too, providing that hint of discomfort which makes for good art :-)

Today, I was lucky enough (and thrilled) to go down to the Denison Pequotsepos Nature Center in Mystic, CT and photograph some of their collection. I spent hours there, and I'm going to have to go back again... Here's a small sampling - feel free to comment and vote for your favorite:

Specimen 652 (available on Etsy)


The Birds (available on Etsy)

Swamp Sparrow


  1. What beautiful pictures of the birds.
    I always look forward to seeing the birds return..Now I have to admit, when the hawk comes around, near my birds, I chase him out of the yard..
    I'm all for nature, but no way is that hawk taking my birds.

  2. We used to have a nest collection. Every nest we ever found for 15 years...then the kittens came and climbed the shelves and tore the nests to pieces.
    I do love to decorate with sticks and stones...

  3. I like your bird photos. They have a quiet and aloof feeling to them.


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