Sep 29, 2008

Creative Space

With time and budget limited, working on my perfect creative space often gets put off. But, this weekend I managed to make a little progress! My husband and I headed to IKEA, where I picked up a new FIRA organizer for my desk. The artwork shown is by the fabulous Layla of Dollface Design. (Sorry the pics are a little dark - I was rushing, I admit).

We also made plans to use cardboard file boxes to organize our big EXPEDIT bookshelf - we'll cover the fronts with pretty paper!

My office wasn't the only place that got a facelift - we picked up the new rug I've been eyeing for the living room! I'm so thrilled. Time after time the items I've loved have been discontinued before I go to purchase them. So I'm glad we decided to get this lovely KIBĂ„K rug now! (And yes, I still have to paint this room - though we didn't go with either of the colors splashed on the wall!)


  1. Wow, the living room looks AWESOME!!! I love it!

  2. My studio is full of FIRA boxes, I have 3 on my desk and 2 that i painted white in my bedroom! Your new rug is beautiful :)

  3. Anonymous10/01/2008

    I love this room Diana, it's so warm and inviting, makes me want to sink into that sofa, under that fabulous bird photo and shop online all day at Ikea!

  4. Thank you all! :-)


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