Oct 10, 2008

The 'Net

The internet is such a wonderful resource - sometimes it even makes me feel like bursting into song ("It's a Small World", to be exact). Last night I met a client of mine and her sister, and we had a great chat. My client, Jess, lives in California. She found out about me through Funky Finds, then contacted me by commenting on this blog. We got to emailing back and forth - it turned out she had grown up in Rhode Island, was coming to visit, and we ended up being able to get together! And, will wonders never cease, her sister is a fellow Etsy seller - Snuggle Works. It's so great to know that the world is full of friendly, creative people... and that the internet makes it easier to connect with them!

The internet also makes it possible to see goofy pictures of the Arts in RI Team... we're the headline of a Storque article today!

Annnnnd... the internet makes it easy for me to get new toys! Yesterday, I ordered myself (ok, and my husband too) a sweet point and shoot camera, a Canon Powershot SX110. I love my D70, but when climbing up mountains in the rain, it's nice to have something pocket sized. And, the SX110 still allows me to keep control over exposure, depth of field, etc. I can't wait to play with it! (Sadly, ordering on the internet means waiting for shipping!)

I also have my eye on this baby....

Yes, it's pink. Yes, I hate pink. But it does add to the kitsch value. This little technological wonder takes technically terrible photos. Depressingly low resolution, grainy, weird lens effects... It's a $13 camera on a freakin' keychain, what do you expect? But, as an artistic tool, this pink plastic thing is pretty cool. The flaws lend mood. The lack of an LCD screen means no instant gratification, and there are only 20 images of room on it's built-in memory card. An exciting proposition when out and about - will I get a good shot? Will I waste all of my "film"?

So, yeah, it's sort of like a digital version of my Diana camera. Hopefully I'll be getting one of these for my birthday so I can embark on a digital lomographic journey of discovery! (hint, hint, oh family readers!)

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