Oct 26, 2008

New Toys

What does a photographer get for her birthday? New photography toys, of course! As you may remember from a few posts back, I bought myself a new Canon Powershot SX110 with some accumulated B&H Photo gift cards. Well, my very generous friends and family got me...

A Fisheye camera

and a photo/slide/film scanner!

These go very well together, as I will be able to scan in the film from the Fisheye (and my Diana camera) and use it in the digital darkroom. My dream of having a wet darkroom is still alive, but sort of low on the household project priority list.

Here's the first image to be scanned with the new scanner - the shot was taken with my Diana camera, which sometimes has trouble advancing the film. In this case, I think it's a pretty interesting effect.

And Then He Walked Away

I also got some amazing handmade soaps (I have a talented family), a yogurt maker (super excited about this!), and a case for the SX110! Woohoo!!

By the way, I think I need to give the SX110 a name. Saying "SX110" out loud is rather cumbersome. Any suggestions? Here's what it looks like, if you need a reminder.

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  1. Do you like your scanner? I've been looking for one.


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