Dec 31, 2008

Winter "Wonderland"

I would be enjoying watching the blizzard outside much more if a) my husband was home and not at work and b) it wasn't preventing me from travelling to my best friend's house in NY for New Year's Eve.

Oh well. At least the snow has inspired me to look back through my vacation pictures (to remember warmth and summer)! Here's what was created as a result:

Saguenay Crossing

The scene was captured while traveling across the Saguenay River via ferry... for the second time. Our car battery was very weak and died on the way across the first time, so we got to make the trip again while getting a jump. Luckily it was a free ferry! But yes, next time we travel to Quebec, I will learn how to say "Can you jump-start my car" in French.

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  1. Lovely photo, looks almost painted - and wishes for a most wonderful New Year! I enjoy dropping by and visiting your wonderful blog and viewing your photos. Cheers!


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