Feb 24, 2009

Creative Environment

This is certainly not the first time it's been said, but I find the environment around me to be incredibly influential on my state of mind. When I'm at the day job, the clutter of paperwork, maps, and plant specimens feels right. Those are the tools I use to do my job.

At home, clutter really bothers me. (This is ironic, since I have forever been kind a messy kind of person.) It bothers me more now that I run my photography business out of my home. I like things neat, clean, and aesthetically pleasing while I'm doing creative work. We're making progress towards turning our new home into that lovely creative environment. I thought I'd share some glimpses with you.

Dining room, as seen from the living room

Dining room sideboard

Living room side table

Guest room window

Not sure if you can tell, but I'm a hippie at heart! I'm loving blending the budding stylish side of me with the earthy, "tree-hugging dirt worshiper" side. Turning this house into our distinctive home has been really rewarding, and it provides a nice creative project when I'm feeling burnt out on photography.

Do you have photos of your creative spaces? Feel free to post links!

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