Feb 23, 2009

Global Community

Today, I'm shipping a print off to Tasmania - perhaps the farthest one of my creations has ever gone. One of the things I like best about selling my work online is developing connections with people around the world.

I'm a map person. Part of my "day job" is spent creating maps from GIS Data, or sketching maps of wetland lines I have flagged in the field. I use maps constantly: when I'm trying to find a job site, when I'm navigating a vacation route...

My shipment to Tasmania today inspired me to create a quick map of all the places my photographs have found a home. (I used Where I've Been to create it.) The dark blue areas show the places around the world where my prints have been shipped.

It's neat to think of "Specimen 652" hanging on a wall on the other side of the Earth. I think I'll keep this map updated - and see what new blue areas will be filled in next.


  1. What fun! I have the same obsession with my blogs. It's always a rush to throw the "hits" on a world map and see how far I've reached.

    I hope the whole map turns blue for you very quickly.

  2. Okay, you win. Can't get much cooler than shipping to Tasmania. Congratulations, Di!

    BTW, didn't see you in the forums today...


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