Mar 30, 2009

Fort Nature

On Saturday morning (before this weekend's rain) I went hiking with my husband and some friends at Fort Nature Wildlife Sanctuary. I believe my favorite part of that hike is the hemlock grove you walk through, soon after crossing the electrical right-of-way. It stretches down the hillside to the shores of a pond, where the tree roots are draped in Sphagnum and the light streams into the otherwise very dim and quiet forest.

The Hemlock Grove

As often happens when working on photographs, I am reminded of Robert Frost: "The woods are lovely, dark, and deep."

You can find some of Robert Frost's work on Project Gutenberg, by the way. It's well worth reading.


  1. Pretty. I wonder if these are the same as our Tamarack trees. They look the same without any needles.

  2. Hm - I believe a Tamarack would be closer to our Larch trees. Hemlocks are evergreens, but they retain their leafless lower branches. The green tops happen not to be in this shot.


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