Mar 23, 2009


I was reminded of the song "Joyful Girl" by Ani DiFranco yesterday. One of my best friends and I were obsessed with Ani in high school, and I still enjoy her folky sound and meaningful lyrics. I love the positive tone to this song - and how it can be interpreted to describe what drives me to make art.

So, today I'm listening to a little Ani while I work. :-) It's the first day of my 3rd round at papernstitch, so I'm adding some new things to the site and reorganizing a bit. It's also bright and sunny out, so I suspect I will be taking some new photographs today!

(If you're interested, do swing by to see - it's a lovely site and I'm among many talented artists. Please click on the heart at the top of the page if you enjoy my work!)

Hope you all have a wonderful and fulfilling Monday!

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  1. Ani is one of my heroines. Hadn't seen this particular live version- thanks for sharing!


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