Mar 22, 2009

Plantaholics Anonymous?

My husband and I have somewhat of an addiction to houseplants. This winter, I cleaned out our bay window and got rid of several that were past their prime. Probably a good thing for those remaining, since now they have some openness and air circulation. We decided we had enough plants in that window.

The thing is, we have lots of other windows in the house... so our collection is growing again. Today we went to that most dangerous of stores, Logee's Greenhouse. If you live in Southern New England, this place is worth a trip - particularly on a cold dreary day. It's like a magical wonderland inside, truly. The whole place seems alive - moss and vine covered walls, the scent of jasmine filling the air, hundred year old trees rooted into the greenhouse floor... And the family has been growing tropical plants since 1892, so they know what they're doing.

As is inevitable when we make the trip to Logee's, we came home with some new friends. Two planned purchases, for a new terrarium, and two not so planned. :-) Want to meet them?

Scott's Spleen (Asplenium ebonoides) and Club Moss(Selaginella erythropus) for the terrarium...

'Diamond Head' Elephant's Ear (Colocasia esculenta)...

and my favorite from today, a carnivorous plant called butterwort (Pinguicula pimuliflora)...

Here you can see the little sticky drops that catch insects

It's quite a photogenic plant, I think!

And now that our new friends are all settled in, I am off to relax and do some housecleaning while hubby makes dinner - Pork Chops in Beer - sounds yummy!


  1. Great post! Logee's is definitely dangerous for those of us who *ahem* attempt to stick to a 'plant budget'. My favorite purchase from them has to be my Angel Wing Begonia.

  2. Ahh, good to *meet* another Logee's fan :-)

  3. cool close-up of the sticky insides plant


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