Apr 14, 2009

A Beautiful Spring Day

Today is absolutely lovely! I had a fantastic holiday weekend, and just brought the last of my guests to the airport. I now have the house to myself, and I'm resisting the urge to run outside and weed the garden. I have lots of catching up to do, and need to stay on task! I feel a bit like a child kept in school when it's almost summer vacation, but I'll manage.

Dyeing Easter Eggs

I've been keeping myself busy - taking friends to see the botanical gardens at Roger Williams Park, travelling to Philly, hiding/stealing/re-hiding my husband's Easter basket (it's his family's tradition!), flying kites with my nephew at the beach...

Kite Flying

I've also been taking a blogging e-course taught by Holly Becker of decor8 - so far I've really been enjoying it. It is a bit ironic that I've been neglecting my blog somewhat during the first week of the course, but I hope you will forgive me! I've missed sharing new photos, or details about an exciting new technique. It's good to be back, even when it means vacation is over!

Blog Course Homework

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