Apr 28, 2009

Camera Talk

Hello dear readers, I need your help! As I mentioned in my last post, I'm considering doing a podcast series to share with you some good photography facts, tips, and tricks.

Here's the thing - I can think of at least three series topics off the top of my head and, while I hope to eventually do all of them, I need to decide where to start.

That's where you come in! I've set up a poll below where you can vote on which topic you find the most interesting, and would like to listen to here on ye oulde blog. Feel free to suggest your own theme as well.

Let the voice of the people be heard! Thanks for your input!

1 comment:

  1. honestly, all of them :) I would like to know what kind of light to use for someone who isn't a professional photographer and is not too expensive. What to look for when buying a camera...just to name a few.


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