Apr 24, 2009


Hi all! I'm getting back into the groove of "normal life" after the chaos of the past few weeks. This afternoon I'm going to do some gardening - partly for me, partly in tribute to my Grandpa, who loved to garden. We laid him to rest yesterday, holding my Grandma's ashes in his arms. Their tombstone will read "Together Forever". Isn't that beautiful?


Today I'm going to share with you some images from my archives. Lately I've really been digging the Polaroid look. I actually do own a Polaroid camera and I have a little expired film stashed away. I should pull it out and play some more at some point - you never do know what will happen with expired film!

But I digress. These shots were taken with new film, nearly two years ago. My best friend, my husband, and I had driven up to Rochester, NY for a wedding. I had recently purchased my $5 Polaroid camera at a discount/overstock store and was eager to try it out. We picked up some film at a local drugstore and I just played - paying very little attention to composition or light or anything. I love the impromptu "road trip" feeling the images capture (and the silliness of, say, a light pole sticking out of a friend's head).

Don't you just love road trips? I know I do. We always try and find a perfect small-town coffee shop or an ethnic restaurant along the way - makes even the most grueling drives through Southwest Connecticut bearable! I'm curious - how do you make the most of a road trip?

Getting back on subject - did you know that, even though Polaroid is discontinuing their film, you can still get compatible substitutes for some film types from Fujifilm?

Learn more about efforts to "Save Polaroid" here.


  1. Ok, that may be the sweetest thing I've ever heard....together forever. So sorry for your loss. Love the photos. I wish I had a Polaroid. Take care, and have a happy weekend.

  2. "Together Forever" is just so moving and lovely. My sympathies to you and your family for your loss.


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