Apr 27, 2009

Spring Celebration Sale!

I was enjoying my time out in the garden in the hot, hot heat yesterday and thinking it won't be long until Summer arrives! It was 90 degrees yesterday. Can you believe it?! That's a bit too hot for April. My friend & fellow photographer Roberta of Uncommon Depth asked me to send some heat her way - I tried to send her 10-15 degrees, but it didn't work. Oh well. ;-)

Anyway, I got to thinking, how can I celebrate this lovely Spring season with you all? My conclusion: a Spring Celebration Sale!

During this last week of April, I'm offering a coupon code for 25% off any purchase from my Etsy shop. (Coupon code expires at midnight EDT on April 30. Shipping not included in 25% off promotion. Cannot be combined with other offers.)

Here's how it works:
  1. Head over to my Etsy shop and pick some favorites. (Be sure to ask me if you don't see the size print you want - I'm happy to customize!)
  2. Place your order and enter coupon code violet09 in the "notes to seller".
  3. As soon as I receive notification of payment I will refund you 25% of your order total (excluding shipping) via PayPal.
  4. You're done! Sit back, relax, and keep an eye on the mailbox for your prints.
Why the refund process? Well, Etsy's system doesn't yet allow sellers to automate coupon codes. Bummer, right? The good news is I'm obsessed with checking email, so it won't take long at all for me to see your order payment notification and get your refund to you lickety split!

I hope you decide to freshen up your home with some new art this Spring! Even if you decide not to participate in the sale, I'd love to hear your comments on which photographs you like best.

Now I'm off to capture some of the little flowers around my yard - I'll share some images with you later!

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