May 11, 2009

Country Roads, Take Me Home

I wanted to photograph some flowering trees today, so I went to a few parks in Providence & Warwick, hoping to find ornamental cherry trees or dogwoods. I had no luck, sadly. Didn't have much fun, either. The parks were scattered with litter and broken glass. The scent of stale pot smoke drifted on the breeze. Almost no one I passed said hello or commented on the lovely weather.

It didn't take long for me to high-tail it back to the sticks. I think I've confirmed that I'm a country mouse, not a city mouse. I headed straight for Snake Den State Park, where I spent some blissful time alone, with the sun shining and bees buzzing. Unfortunately, the mosquitos were also biting, and I had forgotten my repellent in the car...

Despite my (pretty minor) hurdles, I did manage to get a few shots both city and rural settings. Here's one from Snake Den:

Hay Field

I think I'll give Barden Orchards a call this week, and see if I can sneak over for some photos before the apple blossoms are all gone...

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