May 27, 2009

Hump Day Happiness

Happy Wednesday, everyone! Time for some happiness. As always, feel free to share some things you're grateful for today - I love reading "hump day happinesses"!

Today, I'm grateful for:
1) Flowers in my garden
2) Electricity
3) Warm bathrobes
4) Fresh veggies
5) Scrabble games

How about you?


  1. I do like your idea of Hump Day Happiness. I'll share mine with you:

    1. That my Dad has gotten a job at URI after being unemployed for 5 months

    2. That I lost 4 and a half pounds this week

    3. for the internet helping me keep in touch with my friends and family even though I'm across the ocean

    4. cookouts

    5. strawberries

  2. You're right, there is something happy about Wednesdays...and today's happy count includes:
    1. onion soup (fab at lunch)
    with (2) lovely husband.
    3. pinatas. What a cool idea.
    4. Good news from sweet niece
    5. Aqua blue sheets from Target so my bed looks like a cool swimming pool :)


Thank you for sharing your thoughts!