May 27, 2009

Let's Get Technical - Podcast 2

Week 2: F-Stop & Aperture

Hi all - the images below help illustrate some of the concepts I'm talking about today. I'll refer to them in the podcast, as I go along. For more information regarding some of the really technical stuff, check out the following links:

Depth of Field

1. Large Aperture 2. Small Aperture

F-stop Values Relating to Aperture Size

Depth of Field

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  1. sometimes I wish I could just have you over for a few all day lessons, but this is the next best thing.

  2. Wow. Depth of field stuff difficult. I think I finally get the apeture/f stop thing - I have a Canon non-digital that offered an automatic or manual option and I always used to chicken out and choose automatic. (Now I want to pull it out of a drawer and play with it...but hate the film now spoiled by ease of question is - when you are taking a photo - how do you go through all this stuff in your head and also take the photo? Do you preset everything? It's a bit like math class.


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