May 2, 2009

Woohoo! National Wetlands Month!

This morning started out fairly normally. I mean, I spent too much time picking out what to wear (I'm photographing a 1st Communion today and don't want to flash - no pun intended - the congregation when I squat down to get the right angle for the shots), but all and all it was pretty typical.

Then, I stopped on Twitter and learned from dendroica of A DC Birding Blog that May is... *drumroll please* ...National Wetlands Month! (According to the US EPA)

I then proved my nerdiness by becoming extremely excited and exclaiming, "OOH! OOH!", much to my husband's confusion. (To clarify why I was so thrilled, I work as a Wetland Biologist for my day job, and was taught by the very amazing Dr. Frank Golet. Once you take a class with him you will never be the same.) I told hubby it was National Wetlands Month, and the following conversation ensued:

Hubby: Well, Monday is National Eat Paste in School Day.
Me: Really?
Hubby: No, I just made that up.
Me: Ohhhh. But National Wetlands Month is real - the EPA says so! It's a Federal agency!

Still Pond

The EPA suggests three things you can do to participate in National Wetlands Month:

1) Learn about wetlands. I'll be making a special effort this month to share information about wetlands on the blog.
2) Explore a wetland near you. May is a great month to explore wetlands, as it's still amphibian breeding season and you're likely to find egg masses, tadpoles, and adult frogs & salamanders!
3) Take action to protect and restore wetlands. In Rhode Island, check out Save the Bay or The Nature Conservancy to get involved. You could also organize a trash cleanup at a nearby pond or something similar.



  1. You would probably like our place - we are surrounded by bogs and marshes. The composition of that photo is gorgeous. Well done!

  2. Happy Wetlands Month! Besides month of the year!

  3. Happy wetlands month! I didn't know abt this till i came visit your blog! :) Thanks for sharing and hope you had a good weekend!


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