Aug 7, 2009

Working for the Weekend

It's been a whirlwind at my house lately, as I've been getting ready for one of the big events of the year - a huge family & friends camping trip to Promised Land State Park in Pennsylvania. Potatoes were dug from the garden, German potato salad was made for Saturday's potluck, camping gear was checked and re-packed, pile after pile of laundry was washed and hung to dry, and of course cameras were collected and batteries charged!

I also spent some time cleaning up the house, as coming home to tidy rooms is a great feeling. One room that still needs tackling - the office. I dream of a well-organized, attractive workspace. *sigh* It's getting there though. Someday it might bear a closer resemblance to one of these gorgeous spaces:

(source: Malesca)

(source: kimhas6cats)

(source: kikiclark)


  1. Roberta8/08/2009

    Hope you have a great time camping & come home with lots of great images!

  2. Diana Strinati Baur8/09/2009

    Hi, Diana, since I spent my growing up years between NYC and Milford, PA, we headed up to Promised Land often. It is so beautiful there - the paths along the water, the babbling fresh water streams. It's really named well, isn't it. You brought back a lot of memories for me. My best friend lives in Dingmans -- she was always my partner in crime when visiting places like Promised Land.

    I hope your camping trip was a blast....

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  3. I was so impressed with your unbelievably clean home until I read they were photos! I am sure your house looks just as dazzling :) I plan on getting that organized once I find all those how-to-declutter books...they are around here somewhere....have a great trip, your potato salad sounds good!

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