Dec 15, 2009

Color Speaks

I never actually noticed how beautiful these three photographs look together until I received a custom order for them.

It's the color that unifies them, I think. The turquoise-y blues, creamy whites, and touches of green. The person who placed this order inspired me for sure. The three together make me feel calm and content. How about you? Do you feel any emotional response when looking at this grouping? Isn't it amazing how color can touch our lives?


  1. It's a lovely combination, and in my favorite colors :) I just found your blog, I think your photography is amazing.

  2. Thank you Jutta! You've made my day :-)

  3. It IS really calming looking at those 3 photos together. I agree with Jutta about it being my favorite color too! They're all very serene, simple pictures, which is very nice when you put them all together. Good call, custom-orderer!


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