Jan 11, 2010

Art and Literature

How was everyone's Monday? I had a productive day, and I'm happy with myself. I kept my focus on one of my goals for this year - getting national/international exposure - and didn't let myself get too distracted.

My big task of the day was starting to prepare a submission in response to a call to artists for the Annual International Conference on Virginia Woolf - Virginia Woolf and the Natural World. After reading the exhibition theme, I knew I wanted to participate. The artwork is to be based on this excerpt from Virginia Woolf's "The Waves":

"Sharp stripes of shadow lay on the grass, and the dew dancing on the tips of the flowers and leaves made the garden like a mosaic of single sparks not yet formed into one whole. The birds, whose breasts were specked canary and rose, now sang a strain or two together, wildly, like skaters rollicking arm-in-arm, and were suddenly silent, breaking asunder."

When reading the imagery about the birds, I was strongly reminded of a morning on the beach in September, when the swallows were flying about and singing - coming together in a whirl and then seeming to explode apart...

So we'll see. It's been interesting to translate the excerpt into imagery, hopefully it will get into the exhibition!

As an aside, this is actually a great example of why I love being involved with my local Arts in RI Etsy Team. I would have never heard about this if a team member hadn't mentioned it.

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