Jan 13, 2010

Picture This: Living Room

During the past year, a few clients asked for help visualizing prints in a room. So, I created 3d models (using Google SketchUp) to display various print size and photograph options. Not only did I enjoy this process, but my clients responded positively - the models did indeed help them choose the right print for their space.

My brain started ticking, and the idea to present example rooms here on the blog emerged. I am thrilled to announce the start of this new series, "Picture This". Once a month for the next six months I will be posting a new room rendering and accompanying inspiration board. Do let me know what you think! Also, see below to learn about participating or being featured in future installments.

Room Rendering - featuring Specimen 652

Inspiration Board

Click on the inspiration board image above to find sources for the room elements used.

I'm also looking for collaborators for future posts. If you're interested in designing a room, sending in a photograph of a real room in your home, or if you're an artist who would like your work to be displayed alongside mine, please contact me to learn more.


  1. oh my god diana, i can't believe i never thought of using google sketch up to do 3-d renderings. probably because i had no idea that so many 3-d models of the furniture already existed. i would love to contribute but first i have to reacquaint myself with sketchup

  2. I love this! What a great idea!

  3. Thanks!!

    Michelle - I would LOVE to have you contribute! Since it's not a weekly column it does give both of us a little more time to pull something together - so keep me posted on your sketchup skills.


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